Welcome to our Diamond team, Mike Mills!

Mike Mills, Chief Operating Officer, joins Diamond Roofing Systems! 

Mike graduated from Bethany College with a BSAS, Managerial Economics. Prior to joining Diamond Roofing Systems, He held the position of Vice President of Regional Accounts for a national contracting service provider working extensively in Ohio and Pennsylvania coordinating and managing capital roofing projects and roofing services. Mike’s expertise is working with our clients to develop strategic approaches, helping them to reduce costs and maximize their budgets. Mike can provide creative and innovative solutions to complex problems, while maintaining a commitment to client budgets and project schedules.


Mike Mills


Office: (330) 856-2500 ext. 103

Cell: (330) 980-1537




A warm welcome and lots of good wishes on becoming part of our Diamond team. Congratulations and on behalf of all the members. We are all happy and excited about your inputs and contribution!



2020 Howland Community Scholarship

Diamond Roofing Systems would like to congratulate the 2020 Howland Seniors! 

Diamond Roofing Systems is honored to be part of the Howland community and proud to help support a high school graduate on continuing their education.

With the uncertain pandemic, we were unable to celebrate together at the Annual Howland Breakfast at Leo’s this year to recognize the 2020 Howland Seniors on their acedemic achievements and share our gratitude to all the donors for their support hosted by the Howland Community Scholarship program.

The mission of the Howland Community Scholarships program is to award scholarships to Howland High School graduating seniors annually through direct donations and the proceeds of the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation, Inc.




Ginnie M. Baran Foundation Honor Scholarship-Katrina Altawil
Baker Bednar Snyder & Associates Scholarship-Cyenna Ulrich-Cech
Ross Griffin Memorial Scholarship-Andrew Yassall
Ross Griffin Memorial Scholarship-Regina Lussier
Howland Scholarship-Justin Jones
James M. Keating / Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation Medical Scholarship-Panayiotis Gentis
Beth Wright Giller Chris Wright Westerkamp Scholarship-Lindsey Shrodek

Russell Lussier Memorial Scholarship-Grace Strodtbeck

Diamond Roofing Systems Scholarship-Madison Schaefer
Howland Rotary Scholarship-Raymond Murray
W3 Wealth Management Scholarship-Garrett Deemer
Lawrence M. Wright Memorial Scholarship-Yu Ting Lin

Jimmy D Enterprises Scholarship-Victoria Lewis
Mrs. Lucia S. Flevares Scholarship-Emma Hamilton
Dale & Evelyn Gebhardt Technical / Trade School Scholarship-Leonard Adams IV
Hawkins, Schwartz, & Melnick Charitable Fund Scholarship-Cameron Durig
Huntington Bank Scholarship-Maria Scotto di Uccio
India Association of Greater Youngstown Scholarship-Zachary Snelson
Ken & Michele Jones Family Scholarship-Nicole Tinkham
Lewis Construction Scholarship-Alexis Rodgers
Trumbull Industries Scholarship-Donato Marsco

John Christopher Aivazis Memorial Scholarship-Andrew Olszewski
Michael J. Aulizia Memorial Scholarship-McKenna Gambill-Chapin
Sandra L. Bishop Memorial Scholarship presented by Bishop Builds LLC-Madeline Goussios
Thomas & Darleen Carey / Marin Heller & Jenny Heller Giagni Scholarship-Hannah Fowler
Eisen Glaros Family Scholarship-Lauren Miles
Flex-Strut Inc. – Engineering Scholarship Gage Tomko
Donald R. Ford, Jr. Memorial Scholarship-Corinne Daniels
Nick Frankos Family Scholarship-Christian Sincich
Greenwood Chevrolet Scholarship-Bryce Butler
Howland Classroom Teachers Scholarship-Angelo Fronzaglio
Howland PTO Scholarship-Dylan Blenton
Howland Tiger Booster Club Scholarship-Hunter Slyk
Howland Tiger Booster Club Scholarship-Lauren Lambert
Howland United Methodist Church Scholarship-Aryonna Bowser
Italian Club Scholarship-Anthony Bettura
Kiracofe Family Scholarship-Peyton Carroll
Kristin & Kailen Kouvas Scholarship-Dominic Sanabria
Kovach Family Scholarship-Natalie Taylor
Dr. James LaPolla, Podiatrist Scholarship-Francesco Pishotti
McClain Medical Studies Scholarship-Alyssa Tarr
Moody Enterprises Scholarship-Jaden Berk
Richard E. Orwig Memorial Scholarship-Olivia Myers
Phillips / Sekanick Architects Scholarship-Madison McClain
Quinlan Family Scholarship-Ethan Kelly
Regina M. Rebhan Family Foundation Scholarship-Sean Cutshaw
Toni Ross Spirit Scholarship-Elizabeth Rusnak
Robert Schweinfurth Memorial Scholarship-Vincent Marimpietri
Atty. Victor Sperling Memorial Scholarship-Marissa Miller
Kevin & Francine Spicher Scholarship-Kalin Baritell
Abby Sredniawa Memorial Scholarship-Ava Lavelle
St. Joseph Health Center Scholarship-Gabrielle Gambill-Chapi
Inger Thompson-Glinn Memorial Scholarship-Ashley Chambers
Toyota Volvo of Warren Scholarship-Aubree Melic

Solutions for Metal Roof Systems: Single-Ply Membrane Retrofit


Over time, metal standing seam roofing systems can rust, corrode and develop leaks around joints and fasteners. These conditions create an unsightly roof with weakened hold down fasteners and open metal seam. Typically, leaky standing seam roofs are patched with caulk, tape or coatings. These often is only short-term fixes with a warranty covering materials only with no labor coverage past a few short years. Many times, this becomes the cost of maintenance instead of an investment in the building structure.


Standing seam metal roofs have two categories of roof designs hydrokinetic and hydrostatic. Hydrokinetic roof systems are generally 3:12 slope minimum and shed water easily. Hydrostatic   standing seam metal roofs with architectural panels that slide or snap together with trapezoidal panels seamed mechanically designed to be waterproof.  With years of wind vibrations and metal deterioration they are reduced to water shedding.  Water infiltration into the roof system and building is caused by water running in or be sucked into seams or other voids. This condition may Cause more damage to the roof panels and structural supports. Due to the roof panel movement and deterioration patched with caulking, tape or coatings do not weather well.


The installation of a Single-ply Membrane Metal Retrofit Systems re-cover on an existing standing seam metal roof over metal buildings is a very viable solution with options to get a return on investment. There are millions of square feet of this type of system installed every year with the proper engineering and design. It’s relatively quick, an immediate esthetic improvement eligible for a (NDL) no-dollar-limit 15- or 20-year warranty. The NDL warranty covers material and labor and it’s relatively inexpensive.


Contact your preferred roofing contractor for their metal roofing solutions. The metal standing seam single-ply retrofit solutions have the capabilities to be installed directly over a worn metal roof. They also provide the opportunity to install insulation which can improve the overall energy efficiency of the building providing even more payback on investment of the project.


One option is a mechanically fastened membrane system incorporating a 45 or 60-mil reinforced EPDM or a TPO membrane. Rigid polyiso insulation is used to fill between standing seam ribs matching the height of the ribs. A top layer of insulation is mechanically secured through both layers and into the existing metal roof. A coverboard is recommended (not required) to installed over both layers of insulation.  When coverboards are used all three layers can be simultaneously fastened. The EPDM membrane is secured to the metal structural purlins in the field of the roof and at all perimeters.


Another option is a fully adhered membrane system also incorporating a 45 or 60-mil reinforced nonreinforced EPDM or TPO membrane. A 60-mil non-reinforced EPDM membrane can be used. Rigid polyiso insulation is used to fill between standing seam ribs matching the height of the ribs. A top layer of insulation is mechanically secured through both layers and into the existing metal roof. A coverboard is recommended (not required) to installed over both layers of insulation. When coverboards are used all three layers can be mechanically   fastened at one time. The EPDM membrane is fully adhered to the top insulation board or coverboard as required.


With the proper roof membrane, design, assembly, and installation an accidental puncture and hail damage rider in the warranty may be provided.  Required enhancements including additional perimeter membrane sheets or increased fastening density for increased warranty duration or wind speed coverage greater than 80 MPH may also be provided.



Don Fusselman, Director of Operations

8600 E. Market St. Suite #4 | Warren, Ohio 44484

Tel 330.856.2500 ext. 103 | Mobile 330.442.2404

Fax 330.856.2118

E: dfusselman@teamdiamond.co


Keeping the Workplace Safe with COVID-19

Diamond Roofing Systems is committed to the health and safety of all of its employees and making sure that information is provided to those employees in an effort to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We’re dedicated to helping keep businesses up and running and we are taking precautions to ensure that we keep our customers and associates as safe as possible.


We understand that it may be difficult to invest in capital projects during these uncertain times, but your roofing concerns could lead to a larger expense if you wait! We will work with you to take a look at your budgeting needs and how we can best support you during this unprecedented time. Not sure if you have a roofing need or concern? Our Diamond Inspection team are taking a comprehensive approach when evaluating your roof and follows all CDC guidelines as an essential employer.


Our employees keep your safety in mind. A new safety policy is set in place for all crew members, inspectors, and management when installing roof systems. We require no interaction with inside employees and the use of all equipment will be outside of the building to ensure there is no interaction. If necessary to meet with a company representative; our personnel will be practicing social distancing and will be wearing a mask.


All service and production employees shall be responsible in making sure that they are “Fit For Work” this means that any employee who is feeling ill shall notify their immediate supervisor and report off for their scheduled hours. All employees will be encouraged to seek medical attention using their Primary Care Physician and get a return to work slip. If an employee does not seek medical attention, then an employee shall use the standard of not returning to work until they are symptom free for over 72 hours without the use of medication.


Production and Service Employees

All service and production employees shall be sure to use the following guidelines in preventing the spread off illness or disease by:

  • Limit multiple personnel transportation. If multiple personnel transportation is required then each employee shall wear a mask while in the vehicle.
  • For Service operations, if the job requires two persons to complete the job. (Removed what was after the period)
  • No sharing of personnel protective equipment. All employees shall use their own PPE except for fall protection systems. As an example, Respirators, goggles, safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, and any other PPE provided for an employee’s safety shall only be worn by the employee in which it was issued to.
  • All company vehicles shall be cleaned and disinfected daily. This shall include all common surface areas that are touched while driving. The following items are examples and not limited to these areas; Steering wheel, gear shift, center console, door handles, driving levers, etc.
  • All equipment that is used for the day shall be cleaned. This shall include but is not limited to the following items: hand tools, power tools, masks (if not disposable), safety glasses, hard hats, etc.
  • Temperature screens shall be completed daily to ensure the safety of all employees.

All questions regarding our safety policy during the COVID-19 pandemic shall be directed to the Safety Coordinator, Ted Luman.



Together we will get through this! Lets support one another and stay strong.


Updated April 20, 2020

Partnered with the Largest National Commercial Roofing Services Provider

Diamond Roofing Systems would like to acknowledge their Service sector and their many accomplishments. Due to the strong partnership with RoofConnect, the Largest National Commercial Roofing Services Provider In America, Diamond Roofing Systems grew their service sector substantially in the last year. We would also like to recognize our employees in the service department that has helped make Diamond Roofing Systems successful.

RoofConnect provides us with emergency repairs, maintenance and re-roofing to commercial properties, such as Industrial, National and Regional Retailers, Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality in our local area, Northeast Ohio.   

It is such an honor to work with RoofConnect and we truly appreciate being only a call away to providing the best customer service to our customers! 


DRS Announces Move to Larger Office

Diamond Roofing Systems is announcing the corporate office is moving to larger office August 22nd 2019. The new office is located at 8600 East Market St. Suite 4, Warren, OH 44484. Less then 1/4 mile from the current office location. 

Diamond Roofing chose to relocate to a larger office due to their company growth. The new location will allow greater room as they continue to add more valued team members to take on more projects and success. 

The old office has accomplished some extraordinary milestones and tremendous memories, DRS couldn’t be more excited about the transition into a larger office! 


Drones in the Roofing Industry

Four key advantages to working with contractors with licensed UAV Remote Pilots

In recent years, drones have swooped into the building envelope and roof assessment field in a big way. Because they are safe and relatively easy to use, they have become dependable tools allowing building owners, architects and consultants to perform complete assessments, from overall visual observations to infrared moisture scans, more quickly and cost-effectively than ever.

The advantages are numerous. Consider:

  1. Safety

Using a drone not only saves time for the service technician – it also keeps them safe. Buildings with difficult or unsafe roof access points can present potentially dangerous situations for service technicians. Because of this, roof assessments of churches with several high steep roofs and hard-to-reach steeples were once fairly unusual, but are now more common because of the widespread adoption of drone technology.

  • Convenience

Hiring drone operators to take aerial photos has become popular among building and property owners in recent years. However, aerial imagery services alone can be costly. Savvy property owners see the dual advantages of hiring a professional roofing contractor with licensed UAV Remote Pilots who own and operate drones. That’s because clients now can have a building exterior assessment and aerial imagery of their building and grounds performed at the same time.

If exploratory roof test cuts are required, the roofing contractor can also perform that task and repair the area as needed.  

  • Timeliness

For most clients, time is of the essence once a roofing deficiency has been identified. Drones can be utilized to bypass equipment traditionally needed to access the roof, such as a ladder, scaffolding, aerial lifts and more, saving time and money. The best access routes to roof areas can also be mapped out in advance so when that emergency call comes in, they know the best path to get on the roof.

  • Expanded infrared capabilities

When suspected roof deficiencies are observed, an expert roofing contractor can use an infrared thermal camera to capture roof conditions. Infrared scanning locates moisture under the roofing membrane, indicating possible wet insulation. The scan can also isolate the leak source to accurately determine the scope of work needed when issuing a roof repair, additional preventative maintenance or roof replacement.

While hand-held cameras are used for infrared scanning in many instances, another option gaining popularity is an infrared camera attached to a properly sized and powered drone for aerial infrared imagery. By capturing an aerial infrared scan and performing a walk-on roof observation, the overall roof condition can be determined.

As technology evolves, drones will only continue to find a place in the arsenal of tools used by forward-thinking roofing contractors. Drones are here to stay.

Don Fusselman is chief estimator and director of operations at Diamond Roofing Systems. He can be reached at 330-856-2500 ext. 103 or by email at dfusselman@teamdiamond.co.

Check Out Our New Website!!

Diamond Roofing Systems is pleased present the launch of our new website! We partnered with Farris Marketing, Youngstown based marketing firm, to design and launch our new site. In just two months, Farris Marketing built a fully responsive, custom WordPress website that can be optimally viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

The new user-friendly site is designed to provide detailed information about our products and services and give customers a way to request our services with a click of the mouse. Clients will also have access to the My Diamond Customer Portal – an online database which will house all of their information.

From the initial concept, through copy and then ultimately the final design as we see it today we couldn’t have had a better experience and are looking forward to working on future projects with Farris Marketing and their entire team!

We invite you to take a tour of our projects, bookmark our website & connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

3 Simple Practices Can Protect You From Winter

Northeast Ohio is no stranger to the harsh winter elements. While some winters prove to be worse than others, there are a few simple steps facility managers and building owners can take to minimize the potential damage the snow and ice can have on their roof.

It is generally recommended that commercial roofing structures be inspected at least twice a year. The suggested times for routine inspections are in the spring after the winter season, and late fall after the hot summer but before the winter weather arrives.

Clean out the gutters. Snow and ice build-up can make its way under the flashing if the water is not drained off in a timely manner. Ultimately, water back-up from clogged gutters may find its way into the interior spaces.

Lastly, be aware of any ceiling stains in the interior of the building. Doing an inspection on the inside can prevent issues such as, damage to ceiling tile, equipment and mold growth.

No matter what type of roof material or roof system is on your facility, the winter months can be destructive. By performing regular maintenance and inspections you can keep your interior environment warm and dry through the winter months.

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COVID-19 Notice

At Diamond Roofing Systems, the health and safety of our customers, associates and communities is our top priority during this uncertain times. We have implemented additional policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. We’re dedicated to helping keep businesses up and running and are taking every precaution to ensure that we keep our customers and associates as safe as possible.

Thank you for your support during COVID-19.