At Diamond Roofing Systems, Safety Begins Before the Project Does

At Diamond Roofing Systems, safety is more than a process or a second thought – it’s what our company is based on and is part of our daily culture. To enhance this culture and focus, Diamond Roofing Systems utilizes a third-party safety consultant to keep us current with all federal and state requirements.

Our employees are our most valued resource. From the moment they are hired, safety training starts and continues throughout their career with us. We continuously stress that safety is the most important ingredient in a project, along with quality of product and workmanship.

Training begins with orientation, during which fall protection and personal protective equipment are covered. As a condition of employment, all employees are required to complete a 10-hour OSHA training class. With this class, each chapter covered must be passed before a new hire is able to move to the next chapter. After having completed all chapters, a final exam is given to test the employee’s knowledge of each topic covered.

Safety training never ends at Diamond Roofing Systems. During the year, a third-party safety consultant is used to provide job site inspections and training. Workers are also provided weekly Toolbox Talks while on-site, all of which is documented.

All Diamond Roofing Systems employees are encouraged to take an active role in promoting safety and can be rewarded for their suggestions. At any time, any employee may call an owner or our safety consultant if immediate action needs to be taken.

Please review the information on this page carefully. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Ted at 330.850.2500.

Ted Luman
Safety Director
Diamond Roofing Systems

Diamond Roofing Systems Safety Manual

Our Safety Manual is reviewed in detail with each newly hired employee and stands as the minimum standard that is required and expected at all times while on a project. Our Safety Manual is precise with detailed information as to each safety process that has to occur based on given conditions.

With each new hire, our orientation process includes introduction to our Safety Manual, Safety Data Sheets and viewing films published by the National Roofing Contractors Association related to roofing safety. Successful completion of all phases of the orientation process is required before workers can go to their first project.

Topics covered include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedures
  • Hazard Communication Policy/GHS
  • Fall Protection Policy
  • Manual Lifting Policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • General Operating Policies and Procedures
    • Electrical and GFCI
    • Propane Cylinders
    • First Aid Procedures
    • Hoist Safety
    • Ladder Safety
    • Accident/Incident/Near Miss Reporting
    • Disciplinary Measures for Safety Violations
    • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Fleet Safety Management

Ongoing training continues at each project through weekly “Toolbox Talk” sessions. Sessions will cover general safety concerns and topics that are specific to that project. All employees are required to complete an OSHA-certified 10-hour course. All of Diamond Roofing Systems foremen and supervisors are required to complete a 30-hour OSHA-certified course.


Occasionally, subcontractors are engaged to perform limited specialty work on a roofing project. Our subcontractors are required to review all aspects of the Diamond Roofing Systems Safety Program with any employee assigned to that project. Our subcontractors are responsible for complying with all OSHA standards as well as the Diamond Roofing Systems standards.

On-Site OSHA Safety

SDS – Safety Data Sheets

Before any project is started, Diamond Roofing Systems ensures that all Material Safety Data Sheets relating to the project are accessible either on-site or electronically. The customer, as well as OSHA Compliance Officers, can obtain these documents immediately upon request.

Job-Specific Safety Plan

Each project at Diamond Roofing Systems has its own Job-Specific Safety Plan, developed from the standpoint of materials and equipment needed and any unique safety challenges it poses to ensure a safe environment. In accordance with the plan, the project manager or foreman are required to keep daily log records of any safety-related incidents involving workers, as well as faulty or damaged equipment.

Site Inspections

To ensure safety at each job site, safety instructions can take place in many different forms.

  • Pre-Job. Pre-job site inspection takes place by Diamond Roofing Systems personnel to ensure that all safety concerns will be met from the moment crews arrive.
  • Safety Director/Owner. A Diamond Roofing Systems Safety Director or owner may frequent a job site to ensure that all safety precautions are in place and no additional safety concerns exist.
  • Third-Party Safety Inspectors. An independent third-party safety consultant (East Coast Risk Management), hired by Diamond Roofing Systems, will make unannounced visits to job sites to verify that all OSHA and Company guidelines are met.
  • OSHA inspections. At any time, our job sites are subject to random inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Companies must produce, at that time, all documents relating to the project upon demand and prove that their workers have been properly trained. The job site must pass their inspection for safety violations. Failure in any fashion can result in substantial fines.
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COVID-19 Notice

At Diamond Roofing Systems, the health and safety of our customers, associates and communities is our top priority during this uncertain times. We have implemented additional policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. We’re dedicated to helping keep businesses up and running and are taking every precaution to ensure that we keep our customers and associates as safe as possible.

Thank you for your support during COVID-19.