3 Simple Practices Can Protect You From Winter

Northeast Ohio is no stranger to the harsh winter elements. While some winters prove to be worse than others, there are a few simple steps facility managers and building owners can take to minimize the potential damage the snow and ice can have on their roof.

It is generally recommended that commercial roofing structures be inspected at least twice a year. The suggested times for routine inspections are in the spring after the winter season, and late fall after the hot summer but before the winter weather arrives.

Clean out the gutters. Snow and ice build-up can make its way under the flashing if the water is not drained off in a timely manner. Ultimately, water back-up from clogged gutters may find its way into the interior spaces.

Lastly, be aware of any ceiling stains in the interior of the building. Doing an inspection on the inside can prevent issues such as, damage to ceiling tile, equipment and mold growth.

No matter what type of roof material or roof system is on your facility, the winter months can be destructive. By performing regular maintenance and inspections you can keep your interior environment warm and dry through the winter months.

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